Product Description

Specification Direct-pasted type/Laminated type
Color white(standard) grey-black(heat insulation) white(high transparent) (custom-made)
visible light transmission on, 〉75% on,〉42% on,〉80%
ISO9050:2003 off,〉40% off,〉15% off,〉40%
status power off : opaque            power on :transparent
viewing angel ≧175 under opague (off) condition           ≧140° under transparent (on) condition
Operating speed OFF (opaque) → ON (transparent) about 2ms    ON (transparent) → OFF (opaque) about 8ms
Temperature conditions Storage temperature: – 20°C ~ 80° C       Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 70°C
Drive voltage Environmental Voltage :110or220±5volts(AC50/60HZ)
Drive Voltage (via voltage transfomer) :65±5volts(50AC/60HZ)
Number of ON/OFF  estimated to be more than 8,000,000 times
Power consumption 5W / ㎡ below (ON)
Thickness 0.27-0.55mm(±5%)
Length 50米
Wide  120-125 cm  (Direct-pasted Type / Laminated Glass Type)                       150-155cm  (Laminated Glass Type)
Usage Life 10 years
Production area Taiwan
                                                         *Recommend:Smart film need to power off for 4hrs a day.
Reminder Reminder

Smart Film Maintenance

Surface resistant to cleaning agents.

Don't use Aqueous solution cleaning to clean smart film. In order to avoid short circuit of the inner conductive layer of the film.

Wipe with dry microfiber cloth (ex,3M cloth, Windex, Magiclean Crystal , Ethanol)

How to use Switchable Smart Laminated Glass


It is normal for the continuous opening time to be too long and the slow response time when closing.


It takes 4 hours to turn off when it is turned on for 24 hours, which saves energy and increases the service life.